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. >> and now a senate hearing from july of this year on the children's -- the children's television act of 1990. witnesses include fcc chairman julius genachowski. this hearing lasted about one hour and 45 minutes. >> this hearing will come to order. we will have some of our members coming. we just impeached judge. [laughter] some will be emotionally upset and take time getting here. the ranking member, kay bailey hutchison, is not here today. if no one else comes, we will go right to you, mr. genachowski, and then we will see what happens from there. we have a lot of questions. you need to go after your first thing and we would love to have some of your folks that you're talking to come back again. and that we have another terrific panel behind that. my approach to this, frankly, is not to start out controversy away. i did that last year. i am so put off by the whole concept of promiscuity and lasciviousness and all of these things. it bothers a grandfather of five. i care about that. i found out that this is very much a first amendment committee, and so we have to work carefully, but i am det
quote time with his children. his character worked at a tv show and ktvu shot some scenes. you may remember the scene where eddie ento dozes off at the controls of a camera during a taping in the studio. he told us that working with with robin williams was an unforgettable experience. working with robin for those five days was really a real joy
. >> now to the children's television act. witnesses include julius genachowski. this lasts about an hour and 45 minutes. >> this hearing will come to order and we will have some of our members coming. we just impeached the judge -- [laughter] so, some may be a little bit upset and so getting here, but they will be here. let me make my opening statement, the ranking member, kay bailey hutchison, is not here today. if nobody else comes, we will go right to you, mr. genachowski, and then we will see what happens from there. we have got lots of questions and you need to go after your first thing. we would love to have some of your folks that you are talking to come back in. then we have another terrific panel behind about. my approach to this, frankly, isn' not to start out controversially. i did that last year because i am so put off by the whole concept of promiscuity and the seriousness and all of these things. i'm a grandfather of -- i am a grandfather and i care about that. i found out that this is a very much a first committee, so we have to work carefully, but i am determined that we
's television act. the time is 1988. the children's television act was of course a liberal mission. they wanted to inject the federal government into what kids were seeing on saturday mornings and in evening hours. the way they were going to do this was to limit the amount of commercial advertising that could be allowed during children's television programming. it would be 12 minutes per hour during the week and 10.5 minutes per hour on saturday morning. of liberalscouple sitting somewhere saying i think it ought to be 11 minutes, it ought to be 10.5. ok. it is 10.5. they put this in legislation and they get it passed by the house and the senate, which were in the hands of the democrats at the time. why were they doing this? those commercials were getting them up in the morning. they wanted froot loops, tony the tiger frosted flakes, even the toys, g.i. joe, just unbelievable. america was awash in, mommy, i want, i want, i want. the answer was to make uncle sam dr. no. it passed this legislation and sent it to president reagan. he took a look at this and said, well -- [laughter] you can imagine
of the u.s. government. after that a senate hearing on the children's television hearing of 1990. and also sesame street and new media to keep sesame street relevant. >> in the mid-90's "newsweek" named o mar wasow as one of the black planet and he talks about his current studies at harvard and what is ahead. >> on monday greg stohr looks at the docket of the high court next year. and a look at how president obama is handling the economy with dean baker and peter morici, and as always your phone calls on c-span. >> this thursday on c-span, a day of tributes to world leaders, including dalai lama and kennedy, reagan and colin powell. we will see innovations and creator of segway and co-founder of guitar hero. >> author william eggers spoke recently in san francisco about his book of what he sees in the good and bad of government, this is just over an hour. >> thank you all for coming. and thank you for the commonwealth for having me here, it's an honor to speak. it's great to be here in sunny california. you got to love the weather. i am pleased to be here tonight because so many of my fri
. >> thank you. >> lehrer: finally tonight, a milestone for big bird and the world of children's television. jeffrey brown has our story. >> ♪ sunny days, sweeping the clouds away... ♪ >> brown: this morning's "sesame street" program was brought to you by the number 40... >> that's a huge number! >> brown: ... as the show celebrated its 40th anniversary with the help of michelle obama... >> hi, everyone. >> brown: ...who, as it happens, is the first first lady to have grown up watching the program. >> if you eat all these healthy foods, you are going to grow up to be big and strong, just like me. >> and me! well, i'm still growing. >> brown: when "sesame street" premiered back in 1969, with its urban street setting, its cast of adult and young actors, and of course, its muppets created by jim henson, it was immediately hailed as a breakthrough in educational television for children. several generations of young people have now grown up watching, as "sesame street" taught the alphabet, counting, and much more. and at times took on tough subjects, from the death of one beloved cast member
to "sesame street." the cofounders of children's television workshop, the production nonprofit center that gave birth to "sesame street" were joan ganda cooney and lloyd morissette. they were friends in 1965, when they got together, joan and tim kind's apartment for dinner. and casual friends. joan was working at channel 13 in new york, wnet, the landmark public station, and, she was creating documentaries, and public service television for channel 13. one of those documentaries was called "a chance at the beginning." and it chronicled an extraordinary program in harlem, where ed carries an psychologists were giving intensive training and teaching to in digit gentleman preschool -- indigent preschool children and the results were remarkable, the kids were learning so much so quickly they were closing a gap that existed at the time between poor kids and kids who had better lives, middle class kids. and the gap was all about their readiness for school, how many skills they had, and concepts they had down, before they got to that first day of kindergarten or first grade. the kids in the
. >> in pakistan, a version of the children's television programs as mystery has come to an early end. the funding has been stopped. -- a version of the children's television program "sesame street" has come to an early end. you are watching "bbc world news america," still to come -- fueling tie nepos economic engine. -- fueling china's economic engine. it is not every day that a u.s. first lady it stands before mickey mouse declaring a game- changing announcement, but that is what happened today. as part of for a push against childhood obesity, michelle obama was commenting on the disney's decision to no longer have its programming funded by junk food. >> almost 1/3 of the country's children are overweight or obese. the focus today, advertising. manufacturers of high-calorie food and drink spend about a billion dollars a year on commercials directed at young children. disney says they will no longer be part of this. they are rolling out new rules with tv, radio channels, as well as their website. the first lady is impressed. >> this is truly a game changer for the health of our children. for year
. and it was remarkable that they allowed the actors to age, which was not heard of in children's television. or in any television. i mean if you're cast as-- as an ingenue you try to continue to look like that ingenue for your whole career because that's when they cast you. but sesame street did wanna show real people. and one of the things that real people do is age. >> and the things you talked about changed over time. >> sure. sure. sure. i became a writer on the show because i had questions about the latino content. and-- i remember very clearly matt robinson, who was the first gordon, came up to me and he said, "you know, you're not here just to be an actor". i went, "wha? wha"? he says, "no, no, no. you have to make sure that the latino contents appropriate". i said, "when did i become a spokesperson for the latino community"? but i stepped up to the plate. and there was a pushcart full of apples and bananas and such. and i went to the producers and i said, "you know, if this was a real latino neighborhood there would be some plantains and coconuts on that". and they did it. and i said, "great".
. >> manzano also wrote for the children's television series and would share in 15 emmy awards. she was a trailblazer - the first leading latina on american television. but after 44 years, manzano is retired. >> it's very hard for me to get across to kids, or people who weren't around in '69, how absolutely invisible people of color were on television. >> sesame street is a show with a social message, manzano naively believed her onscreen work could end discrimination. >> racism has really-- reared its ugly head in-- in-- in ways that were unimaginable to me. in '69 i thought we were gonna fix all of that with sesame street, but-- clearly it hasn't. >> as her life changed - along with the times - so did her "character" maria. >> we encompassed what was going on in society. when i fell in love and got married and had a baby, so did maria. and we-- so it was sort of like the first reality show, without the whining i think. >> growing up in a low-income puerto rican household in the south bronx with an alcoholic father, her childhood was anything but "sunny days". >> my father drank a
. but the real question is what you want the company's two-tier. much as a children's cartoon television and want them to stop fighting. it is the very difficult thing to do to get involved with the initiatives than there is a group called killer coke faced god of brooklyn and the guy who runs it he bought one share of coca-cola that gives them the option to go to meetings where he causes well. that is a possibility. [laughter] buy one share the stooges, if you are here think about those things. i don't think i am allowed to push that. [laughter] just a thought. >> the book is on sale by the university bookstore she would be happy to sign them. also the reception it will be quite extraordinary any last words? >> go out and advocate. it works. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> i open the book with a scene with a 54-megaton explosion but i do that it is important to know the reason this was formed with there is no defense against that is part of that military industrial complex and how you stay ahead of the enemy with the acknowledgement they will have that same technology. that is the give-a
, should there be gay characters on children's television shows? you know where i'm going becausety e-mail sure you called. there are calls for better and ernie to get married. it's the brainchild of chicago man who says we're not asking that sesame street do anything crude or disrespectful. only that they allow better and ernie to marry or even add a transgender character to the show. evangelist lar evangelist. spongebob squarepants also targeted because they hold hands a lot. they, too, accused of sending the wrong message but according to the creator of the better and ernie petition to get married a same-sex marriage or gay character on television will teach tolerance. he says they're best friends. they remain puppets and do not have a sexual orientation. still, should there be gay characters on children's television. it's all on the front page of the "new york post." sesame wed furor. >> i always thought they were brothers. to find out they're friends, that's cleared up a little more for me. >> they can't possibly be brothers. they have different-shap
that children under 2 years of age watch as little tv as possible. it's an important period in the child's develop. they say activities such as playing, listening to music, and interacting with others are far more valuable in the development of a child's brain. after reviewing studies of so-called "children's educational television" they say there is significant evidence to support the current recommendations. 90% of pirnts say their children under 2 watch some form of electronic media created just for them. positive effects are still in question, the benefits of parent-child interaction have been proven. so instead of putting children in front of the tv let them play, explore, and use their imaginations. talking, singing, and reading to them can be quality time for both parents and children. i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> it seems pretty basic. like, if you read and play with your kid, it's probably better. there is one program we think is great for children. >> there is definitely one out there. that's what i'm talking about. >> there we go. >> i was talking about my beer
't she the children. >>> and kpix is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. here is a live look at the new bridge as we count down to opening day. proposal -- leaked to the press this weekend -- is a back-up plan if congress can't reach a deal. still, republicans are accusing the president of going behind their backs. "13 the question we always ask ourselves particularly with this white house is is the president looking for a partisan advantage or bipartisan law.22 >>> republicans are accusing the president of going behind their back. >> the question that we always have to ask ourselves, particularly with this white house is the president looking for a partisan advantage or a bipartisan law. >> we will be prepared to go on with our own plans if talks break down. >> the proposal would allow some illegal immigrants to become permanent residents within eight years. it would require businesses to know the immigration status of all workers. the president wants congress to have a bill ready to vote on next month and he
children's television had its to sleep. there is a potential between violent television and coarsely. children who watched a violent television had a harder time night andleep at the morning. replacing that content with age thempriate content helps sleep better. lost power on june have their chance to take concerns directly to the power company. the publicrst up at hearings. speak at the montgomery courthouse. hearing will be held in largo. next week our is the following week. a new poll shows that 42% of people wish they could pick a different power company compared 8%r bge customers and of dominion customers. with a look at our forecast. some heavy rain fall down in willern maryland and we talk about those rates. all of us around the beltway northward, we can expect a dry afternoon. i have a beautiful time lapse the first at least frame. isn't that pretty? look at that pink color to the clouds early this morning. put it into motion in the pink replaced byd is gray. but the gray clouds did move out bit and we have a thin overcast overhead the metro area with cinder clouds overhead.
company is brought to you by children's television workshop." [laughter] it goes from there. i don't know. working on stage is really a great voice developer. tavis: as i listen to you, it sounds effortless. it doesn't sound like you're trying. it is a way that just resonates. >> am i making an effort to do that? someone asked me if there was a special voice that i use, no. no, my voice is my voice. i am not making a special effort to do anything. the voice is a blessing, i don't take credit for it. it is like a talent, you can't take credit for talent. you can take credit for using it. tavis: it is working awfully well for you. the projects, the bigger one and the smaller one, how're you going about making choices at this point in your career? what is the process for making selection differently than when you were building your career, the methodology? >> it is different now. i have to take a lot of things into consideration. you use your fingers. that is the consideration and truth of work. is it something new? to me, is a good story? who is in end? -- in it? i can make these choices. t
was on a children's tv show. >> it will take six year. that's too long. >> some voters were very much in tune with labour policy. >> the fine gael leader was canvassing in the west today. and begin there was no room for compla s complain see complacency. >> people are suffering. no one is going to die if the banks don't get the 1 or 2. >> the town centres it was again greeted by party members, and later attended a party rally. responded to fianna fÁil's he said that the party's face a significant challenge but were getting a good response in the door steps. >> the sinn fein. inju injury adams said that the other parties were raising the issues to smear him. >> over fans to cut their pay during their final year placement. that said he personally said cutting the nurse's pay was unfair. the department of health is lunchtime. around 3,000 student nurses protested about plans to cut their pay. by 2015 they'll have to do a 9-month work placement for free. >> no one is else is expected to work for 9 months for free. >> we have to implement government policy. >> do you think it's unfair. i do. >> f
forward saying they were sexually abused by the late bbc children's tv host jimmy savel. shelving an investigation into him last year. >>> on the campaign trail president obama is back at the white house today. vice president joe biden campaigns in wisconsin and the first lady attends a prived fund-raiser in california. governor romney is campaigning in iowa and congressman ryan is in alabama before they both head back to ohio for a rally and ann romney will be in virginia. >>> in health news this morning, aspirin may help extend the life of some colon cancer patients. the over-the-counter medicine only benefited patients that have a specific mutation in their cancer, but the results were very promising. almost all the patients were alive after four years as to those who didn't. colon cancer is the second most deadly cancer in the u.s. >>> and now a look at how wall street will round out the week. the dow closed at 13,103 after adding 26 points yesterday. the s&p and the nasdaq were both up four overseas finished their and nikkei sunk 122 points. >>> a rare disappointment from app
people who were these little children on tv starving to death in malnourished and they run out and get their check book so they can send them money. they don't believe people of the united states live off of $2 per person per day. so that is one enlightening part of your book. 3 million children. another thing they won't leave
for the children's television work shop. that means she is responsible for developing the curriculum that you see on "sesame street." also pediatrician from oakland, california where she founded the center for youth wellness and an expert adviser for too small to fail. and i think you may recognize the woman to my left. back about four years ago i think the book was called "beyond the best interest of the child." >> very precocious fifth grader. it is interesting because we looked at some of the research. when you talk about educational achievements we have made progress in some areas but over 40 years i think most people agree not nearly as much as we would have wanted as a country. do you point to any particular things and say here is where we sort of missed the boat? >> i think a couple of things. and no particular order. i think that life was not as fast paced or as stressful in many, many ways 40 years ago and certainly even before that. were there problems? did our parents and grandparents face difficulties? absolutely. people's economic futures don't seem as predictable and stable as they
of children'television. ffrey brown has our story. >> ♪sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. ♪ >> brown: this mning's "sesame strt" program was brought to you by the number 40... >>that's a huge number! >> brown: ... as thshow celebrat its 40th anniversary with the help of michel obama... >> hi, everyone. >> brown: ...who, as it hpens, ishe first first lady to have grown up watching the pgram. >> if you eat all these heahy foods, you areoing to grow up to be biand strong, just like me. >> and me! ell, i'm still growing. brown: when "sesame street preered back in 1969, with s urban street setting, its cast of adult and young actors, and of course, its muppets creed by jim henson, it was immediately hailed aa breakthrough ieducational telesion for children. several generations ofoung people have now grown watching, as "sesame strt" taught the alphabet, couing, and much mor and at times to on tough subject from the death of one beloved cast member to t current fluandemic. >> first thing you have to to stay healthy wash your hands. >> brown: ong the way, celebrities ha regularly mixed in
and kate plus eight" is daddy headed to the big house? >>> for years, jon, you had your children on tv, on a reality show. but suddenly when it's no longer jon and kate plus eight, it's kate plus eight, you suddenly have a problem with it and you want it to all come to an end and i don't believe that. >> regardless of the timing, i'm their father and i will do what's best for my children. >> you got your lawyer here? afraid to answer questions? whatever. what's important is the children and not these two self-absorbed husband and wife who argue constantly in front of their children. >> exactly. that's why the show is coming to a stop. >> work on your marriage, wouldn't that be a better idea? >> exactly. >> if i could get kate to mediate and talk, we could do that. >> you've been to therapy together once and have not been back. >> i would love to go to mediation. i would love to be mom and dad. >> hey, you talk the walk but you don't walk the walk. >> you can't say you want to work it out. that's not working it out. >> in light of all the allegations and everything that's gone on in the
may seem, it turns out the creative process is among the most difficult in children's television. based on a main character few imagined possible. >> there were certain rules like that, that get bandied around in tv and people jus accept them. boys won't watch a show with a girl who is a lead. >> reporter: that's what they told you? >> yes. and that's obviously not true. >> reporter: not just a girl, but as cocreator valerie walsh told us, a latina girl. it was unheard of when the show launched ten years ago, a time when valerie and chris gifford were coming up with something very different. >> the original character, you know, there were so many original characters. first she was a bunny and then she was a martin. >> reporte >> her wname was tess and then nina. and the nick exec said, what if she's latina. we said that's a great idea. >> reporter: they brought in cultural advisers, and dora, last name marquezen was soon born. >> it's okay. we'll find it. >> reporter: the first animated latina character in a leading role. has there been any examples you can think of other the yea
sexually abused by the late children's tv host jimmy saifl. the bbc has become under scrutiny recently. >>> joe biden campaigns in wisconsin and first lady michelle obama attends a private fundraiser in california. >>> governor romney campaigns in iowa and paul ryan is in alabama before they both head back to ohio for a rally. ann romney will be in virginia. >>> now here's your first look at the dish of scram canabble o politics. president obama got a little raw in describing mitt romney. he was asked about lowering the voting age to include children. his response included a word we had to sensor for tv. he said you know kids have good instincts. they look at the other guy and they say that's a blank i can tell. the campaign does not deny the comment. last night on "the daily show" nancy pelosi introduced a new phrase to describe romney. >> the president calls it romnesia. i have my own mittology. >> tina fey ripped into senate candidates todd akin after his comments about rape. >> if i have to listen to one more grave faced man with a $2 haircut tell me what rape is, i'm going to lose
a child, you need to watch this. folks at sesame street, children's television workshop, wiggles they take this real, real serious, as well they should. we understand the minds they're trying to mold. you stay with us, interesting coffee with coming up. and we have traffic, looks like we're traveling for talladega on the beltway, only 49 miles longer than talladega. on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> management of the ravens taking the field. 42 degrees on tv hill, 89% humidity, calm winds the barometer is 30.26, last friday the barometer was 2029.97. 43 hagerstown, 43 elk ton, 46dc and easton, 53 down at the ocean, 41 bel air, 39 westminster, 42 columbia, 50 rock hall, 46 on kent island. a few high clouds. clouds will thic
. the ssa? sponge bob square pann! pantssbad day... for a popular children's tv.../.áánewáá research finds... "sponge boo squaae paats".../ is... linked to... attention problems... ii children.../.áátheáá stuuy finds... watching... .../ can cause... shhrt-ttrm attention...// and... learning problems 44year- olds..../ áácriticsáá argue ...the results ...should ánott... be taken .../ too literally..../ áásoáá enjoy... "bikini bottom...// without... all hat guilt... &pwe got some sunshine today... but will it stick around? around? chief meteorologist vytas reid &phhs the skywatch forecass. 3 pillions of dollarss.. that will never be spent. the baltimore vault storing a treasure... and the massive cost of making all this money leave this room.ill never - a major dust storm... hovers clearing up....nytime soon. 3 -- gunfire, people shouting--- and later... a bride and groom....caught in the at this wedding.nfire erupted 3 p3 3 whh will be the next maaor of poolssfor the primary ooen... tomorrow on fox45 morning news.
for the children's television series and would share in 15 emmy awards. she was a trailblazer - the first leading latina on american television. but after 44 years, manzano is retired. >> it's very hard for me to get across to kids, or people who weren't around in '69, how absolutely invisible people of
the crew from seasme street. children's television workshop joined to reach out to kids who don't get tucked in every night. came up with little children, big problems, incarceration. >> this transsends the stier yo types we have about who has someone in prison and who goes to prison. >> reporter: a new seasme character named alex,ly dad is in jail. along with a dvd there's a new way to help explain to little minds about this. >> what i'm doing out, he has a lot of questions, why the police came one morning to pick me up. he's very curious. >> reporter: alex was unveiled at the santa rita jail. because no fewer of 12% of criminal cases involve a suspect with a child at home. >> i feel it was a good experience. >> reporter: and it never hurts when elmo is there to ease everyone's nerves. cal is a pilot place for the program and the santa rita jail isn't alone. the program goes to san quentin next. >>> typhoon haiyan gone from the philippines. the country energy secretary says it may be six more weeks before the affected towns get their electricity back. some 600,000 people are now disp
an iconic children's television show. ♪ sunny day sweepin' the clouds away ♪ >> the compilation of some of "sesame street's" most popular song is being recognized the library of congress notes "sesame street's" music is an integral goal of educateing the children. ♪ you've lost that lovin' feelin' ♪ >> reporter: there was no better example of phil spector's wall of song than the 1964 hit yt you've lost that lovin' feelin'." the righteous brothers went on to record it but it was later recorded by the beach boys and elvis. the doors burst onto the scene with "light my fire." it was the highest charting song on their sefrl-titled debut album, but more importantly it became an anthem of the summer of love. ♪ just as long as you stand, stand by me ♪ >> reporter: and benny king's haunting vocals along with the unforgettable base line of the soul classic "stand by it" madest the most broadcast songs of the 20th century. also making this year's list lauren hill's solo album and radiohead's alternative rock classic "okay computer." there are more than 400 selec
adulthood. it increased 30% with every hour children watch tv. children should watch no more of two hours of quality programming each day. the second study showed aggressive content leads to aggressive children. the kids in the study were three to five years old. they all watched the same amount of television. the only change was the type of programming. the children who watched the better quality, educational programming were significantly less aggressive than the other group. >>> when we hear all the talks about federal cuts and sequestration there are a few of us preparing for furlough and his cutbacks and another group of us think it has nothing to do with them. coming up at 5:50, peggy fox will show us how sequestration could affect the price of our grocery bill. >>> a 30% of a jump in business. is it divorce lawyers, wedding planners or florists? >> we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back. welcome back. 4:56 president's day 2013. cold out there. temperatures in the tepees in a few spots. it is a cold, cold morning. by lunch time mid to upper 30s, we'll top off lo
years early. >> this will be the gateway to the olympic pass. a collection of athletes, children, tv presenters, and builders, the first to take a walk that hundreds of thousands more will follow in two years. there is a little piece of history. chris hoyt became the first person to ride a bike and a venue where he hopes to add to his gold medal collection in 2012. >> just walking in their got the goose bumps going. we could potentially be standing on the top coating receiving medals. they have done such a great job. this is a very exciting day. >> another first, the main stadium, a special track has been laid where the former olympic track champion. it is already possible to sprint inside the stadium. >> 3, 2, 1. [applause] >> it is less of a sprinter and more of a job for michael johnson. it will go down as the venues first race. just as this was the first action, in the basketball arena. there is plenty of progress for one of the men at the heart of london to reflect on. >> it is already making a difference economically. that part of london is being transformed. you have huge amou
, maggie, that your mother was once an award-winning pbs children's television producer, true? >> i know she started as a p.a. on "sesame street. i don't know if she was award-winning. but she helped start "the electric company" and a p.a. on sesame street." >> this is a given, a big year. tell your mom for being there. glad to have you. welcome back any time. glad to see you. tavis: i began my conversation with oscar-winning film maker quent intarantino about the appreciate he feels to deliver a big hit such as "inglorious basterds"" and whether stars deserve $20 million a picture and if brad pitt can't pull it off and maybe reducing the fee that brad and denzel get. that's a whole lot of pressure to put on one film. and yet you delivered. you feel like the savior today? >> not even like "transformers 3." it is my quirker little war movie that i do what i do. people would ask me questions leading into this, even like months ago would ask me questions about the -- you are writing on this. even filmmakers asked me that. i say, not really. the movie is the movie. it's not like i could take
. register today at 170 million and join others who want to preserve quality children's television.
and >> thank you, alex. >>> the government is using a children's television program to show how the flu vaccine works. an episode of the pbs show sid the science kid focuses on the vaccine. it will debut at the education department headquarters in southwest. local school children will be there to watch the premier. >>> some shocking news came out of the detroit marathon this week. three runners collapsed and died apparently from cardiac arrest. our own bruce johnson is out with a personal story that touched many of our lives. he is a heart attack survivor and his new book is called "heart to heart. " bruce, a pleasure to have you here. and don't be nervous. >> you do get nervous. i am over here, don't ask me tough questions and no comment. >> you put a lot in this book and reading the detroit marathon i know it had to bring back memories. your first marine corps marathon is after you had a heart attack. >> some years after my heart attack and with my doctor's approval. my heart goes out to the three guys in detroit. the medical examiner hasn't determined if it was cardiac arrest
, charles. if you watch children's television, it is mind numbing with the commercialization of it to try to sell to kids. >> public television stations do good work, but that kind of work ought to be supported by the market, by the people who watch it. not by the taxpayer. >> i would just like to point out that -- newspapers pulled around the country. people were pointing to npr as the bid is all that could work. >> if you are subsidizing work, of course. >> in an area where there are not enough people to support it, you have to have a subsidy. >> and it is only part of the market. >> i am a fan of the npr supreme court correspondent. see you next week for a transcript of this broadcast, log on to
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